V2 of the laminated lamp. This time using the carving capabilities of the 3 axis CNC to produce a more complicated form. The idea was to make up a block of ply and acrylic and carve each face of the block in turn to produce the object. Each face can of course be unique but the following form has rotational symmetry so only required one CNC file to produce.The form of the lamp was made using Rhino, Grasshopper, Exoskeleton and Weaver-bird.


1st Face Carve

As the material is moved each time and rotated, it is key to accurately locate the block in order for each face carve to line up properly with the next. A little more work is needed on this front as we are currently out by about 0.5-1mm, making the seams quite pronounced.

LEDs will be housed in an internal void the whole length of the lamp.


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